WRITE A REVIEW ★★★★★ 4.5 / 5. However, security vulnerabilities exist,…, A new ProofCam scam took the U.K. by storm after a rumour that you can…. The $30 reward was paid on 9/4/20. I know I did not authorize this because before I donate to a charity I research them at GuideStar and online. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. They can be reached at [protected] or www.prepaidcardstatus.com. So please excuse my being extremely disappointed that after 7 weeks of waiting still no resolution to receiving lenses. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I cannot submit the rebate for the 8 boxes of 1 Day Sphere Proclear contacts that were purchased at my Eye Doctor's shop, because you do not have their purchase location as an option in the purchase details section of your online form. MyDay by CooperVision Contact Lenses 30 lenses. Brand: These lenses are part of the Biofinity® family. I am every disappointed in Walmart. From the website's popularity, customer service, online reputation, and IP address to Alexa rank, genuine social media praise, and mentions in other authoritative websites, coopervision.com checks all the boxes. In fact, we conduct business in over 100 countries throughout the world. Free eye care included Expert optical advice Order by 11pm for next day delivery* 5 stars 4.8 out of 5 £ GBP £ GBP . CooperVision Promotions Never heard anything again. 1. They denied my rebate because they stated I had to buy my contacts from the eye doctor. I have forwarded your documents to our rebate processing team. I have reviewed the rebate submitted in the name Amanda Lang with Reference Id UFFGFCXLQD provided in the email chain. on Facebook, Share Clear filters. We want to help. [protected]@gmail.com. We will research your rebate and give you updated information. Sincerely, CooperVision® Biofinity® contact lenses are suitable for your patients that are looking for excellent health and comfort from a lens they can wear daily or for up to 29 nights in a row. What is…, Is Shoppers Drug Mart closing stores in 2021? However, as the site is not at maximum rating just yet, we tried scraping a relevant phrase from it (see below) to see how they describe themselves: Now let's look at what determined coopervision.com having such a super high rating. 3. I have a CooperVision rewards card that has expired. Please contact us at [protected] 1-2 Week Disposable. I went to my Optometrist for an eye exam but since they are 30 minutes away, I choose to place my contact lens order online so they would be delivered. Please understand that online retailers often sell lenses with pricing that includes a rebate or discount at the time of purchase. Still tearing is happening every time. Please contact Swift Visa, the card issuer for help. What is worse is your Company could not even be bothered to communicate or even offer a simple apology. Aquaform technology creates a naturally hydrophilic contact lens that retains water within the lens, minimizing dehydration. Hi Isaiah, We apologize for the delay in responding to you complaint. Please speak with your Eye Care Provider to obtain the supporting documentation. Thank you for choosing CooperVision contact lenses It just seems as if you simply don't care that you have customers. We want to resolve this for you. Kim M was going to subumit all my information to the claim review board. February 23, 2015. Flex Spending Account Eligible Products that have this symbol are health-related items that are most likely to be eligible for reimbursement using Health Savings Accounts, FSAs, or Flex Benefits. These lenses are super comfortable, can be used in almost every situation, and last a long time. The soft silicone hydrogel material means these lenses are soft and flexible, offering excellent breathability. 81 reviews. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Please email us at [email protected] so we can help. On Wed, Aug 19 at 7:43 AM, Gary Lang wrote: On Thursday, July 30, 2020, 05:15:34 PM CDT, CooperVision Promotions wrote: In fact, we conduct business in over 100 countries throughout the world. Gary I have been wearing these contacts for many years now and purchase a 12 months supply at a time. My address at the time was 1395 S 156th court Omaha Nebraska 68130. Gary Lang thank you. Consider coloured contact lenses. [protected]@yahoo.com. For more details on this contact lens, check out our Biofinity Contact Lens Review ProClear. CooperVision offers a wide selection of daily disposable, two-week and monthly replacement contact lenses, including options for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.CooperVision’s ProClear 1 day multifocal lens was awarded ‘Contact Lens Product of the Year’ at the 2013 Optician Awards for its innovative lens material. Final Thoughts. Since 1980, CooperVision has been providing contact lenses to people all over the globe. Once your prescription is finalized, these contacts are available for purchase in 30 packs and 90 packs. You’ll also find CooperVision offer toric contact lenses for astigmatism, as well as multifocal contacts to correct presbyopia. 
 Thanks! Either way Cooper wins. ( 4 reviews) When it comes to a comfortable lens, Biomedics 38 contact lenses are at the top of the class. £13.50 View Product. This is a sure way of losing customers to the competition. (I know they’re more expensive!) Given the super high rating of 91.7 that the business received, the coopervision.com review is very straightforward. Totally misleading and not great business practice. RELATED: Learn About the Best Contact Lenses Currently Available. Please contact Swift Visa, the card issuer to reissue your card. I spent 3 hours on the phone to be told to fill out a dispute form to reiterate the fact that I made ZERO purchases with the virtual rebate card, to probably never see the $40 from a contact rebate that they decided sending a physical hard card would be too complicated. After I received the contacts and all necessary paperwork, I submitted my rebate to CooperVision. Eye care professionals: Use this ToriTrack calculator plus your fitting process to find the right contact lenses for astigmatic patients. Hi Seth, Your rebate has been entered and approved with Ref Id MLPCQQJ3TK. Please be aware that none of the email correspondence you shared were with [email protected] They were with [email protected] incentives.com. I think this is false advertising and that normally people go to their own doctor for an exam and then naturally shop for the best price. Use this comments board to leave complaints and reviews about CooperVision. Until now of course, because the CooperVision MyDay lens fills that need perfectly. Not a good customer experience. Even better now if your CEO finds the time to explain. If you are able to request an updated invoice from your eye care provider that lists the AquaClear Lenses, I will be happy to process your rebate for approval. The first time it was illegible, the second time it was the wrong information, and the third time I was told that the correct information was not listed on my recite (I turned in everything I had from my provider) so I decided against a 4th time. Log in. Bausch & Lomb Alcon Johnson & Johnson X-Cel CooperVision Menicon. Its obvious their rebate is a scam. Will check with the State Attorney General's office to see if that's true. Hy-Care Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution 2 x 60ml Travel. All the relevant factors used by our algorithm provided an almost perfect score. 
 Many 1 day lenses can be comfortable when you first put them in, but the real test is how they feel at the end of the day. Monthly Disposable. I... Unit Nos. For rebate status. I use the monthly ones but it starts tearing within 2 weeks of use.I am very careful in handling contact lenses. This email is a confirmation of your rebate claim submission. Regards, What does it matter to them where I buy their contacts from as long as I am buying them. Hide filters . Acuvue (9) Air Optix (7) Alcon (22) Bausch & Lomb (4) Clariti (2) CooperVision (23) easyvision (29) Focus (4) Frequency (1) FreshLook (3) Johnson & Johnson (9) MyDay (1) Proclear (2) Purevision (3) Sauflon Pharmaceuticals (1) Soflens (1) Specsavers (5) Total (2) Type. Then when I try to check the status of my card since it's been almost two months since I've sent it in, I get a cryptic error message on their website: "Your card could not be accessed due to card status.". In addition to being ideal for new wearers, Biofinity contact lenses are also an ideal upgrade for existing wearers who want better lens performance. [protected]@aol.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. We ship 90% of orders within 24 hours to ensure fast delivery. Rebate #ULMFGD2FHN. So please excuse my being extremely disappointed that after 7 weeks of waiting still no resolution to receiving lenses. I had already contacted my provider before I re-submitted your paperwork a second time and was told that everything I'm submitting would be sufficient for Cooper Vision. This will not happen a third to me a third time. Scroll down and click on upload. Since 1980, CooperVision has been providing contact lenses to people all over the globe. They want you to upload the receipt the exam documents and the end of boxes for right and left eye. © 2004-2021 ComplaintsBoard.com. 2. Thanks for reaching out. Enter claim reference # and email address and then click on "SEARCH". Dear Amanda Lang, £19.95 £ 19. Review: Coopervision Biofinity CooperVision is a “small, large” company It’s this spirit that helps them provide advantages to both their contact lens wearers and … £11.95 View Product. I sent all forms and information. If you could please send an email to [email protected] and provide your eye care provider's name and the location of the Target Optical, we can reach out to them so that other consumers of our products won't be mislead. We have reviewed your claim and noticed that your purchase invoice does not have the model of lenses purchased listed and this is required for auditing purposes. With one click of a button, social media has made it easy for consumers to share their positive or negative shopping/buying experiences online. I even mentioned to my optometrist this year that the rebate program seems to be a joke. I am using contacts for last 15 years but this is the worst. Beware of the newest scam on Facebook,…, Beware of the plethora of health insurance scams, whether they're about a suspicious policy, a…, Watch out for this Top 10 life insurance scams. I just assumed it was a scam. Then I talked to Debra same information given to her. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. I recently purchased the Kirkland Signature daily disposable contacts and will share my review in this article. Whether you wear contacts or you’re an eye care provider, we’re here to help you. Review by Tyler (Posted on 31/10/2018) Comfort: Value for Money: Vision : Excellent ... Proclear 1 Day contact lenses, by leading manufacturer CooperVision, are daily disposable contact lenses that offer high levels of comfort while remaining clean and clear throughout wear. Hi Milkmaid, CooperVision is a contact lens manufacturer. In this article, I’ll review CooperVision’s Biofinity family of contacts, including the pros and cons of wearing these lenses. Against my better judgement, I took the word of my provider because they assured me this was a trustworthy and simple process. In my opinion this is the best all around lens on the market, however, it’s a monthly lens, so for those daily contact lens wearers, there still wasn’t a great product out there for them. 4.4 out of 5 stars 17. I do not know anything else I can do? Questions? Is coopervision.com safe? Resolved CooperVision — Daily contact lenses I am a simple consumer reliant on my daily lenses to see properly. I don't really have a complaint, other than I can't get anyone to help me. The name on the card is Julie M. Shald The card number is [protected]. Shop by Prescription Types. 14 reviews. Top-rated businesses in the Contact lenses supplier category. I would like my $50 rebate since I bought their product. No other contact lens has come close to the level of comfort that these give, and they can last 2 weeks without giving up anything. We hope you are happy with your CooperVision lenses and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. 99 ($1.30/Count) You typed in the domain coopervision.com even though you have heard of this business before. My eye is...” Written on: 19/05/2012 by EyesToSee (1 review written) I have been wearing contact lenses all my life. Contact lens technology. Very dissappointed customer. Another, Scammed AmericanEmoji Whether you wear contacts or you’re an eye care provider, we’re here to help you. 4.5 (121 reviews) i have used proclear for yrs now. Identify the difference between the actual platform and the user. Best Weekly: Hydrogel Vision Extreme H2O Soft Contact Lenses. Now let's look at what determined coopervision.com having such a super high rating. CooperVision contact lenses for extended wear, presbyopia and astigmatism. Shop for CooperVision contact lenses. Have you dealt with this website? I would like to know why milk is $0.99 a gallon in Owensboro, ky and $ 5.00 in tarentum, pa and $2.27 in spring branch Texas. We are doing work that matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be heard. Back to results . I have already experienced this identical problem involving a contact rebate in the past. CooperVision makes premium quality soft contact lenses. Handling. I have seen a half dozens complaints here already. Hello Gary, Proclear 1 Day by CooperVision Contact Lenses 30 lenses. Courtesy of CooperVision. Biofinity XR Toric are meant for patients with astigmatism and high spherical prescription. of reviews. Thank you for your response. In the past, I’ve used 1-800 Contacts, LensDirect, Lens.com and Contact Lens King to order contact lenses. This is required so we can assure the CooperVision brand was purchased and the model purchased matches the model claimed. Or I could have just been given the run-a-round so many times in hopes that I would just give up on receiving my rebate. They can be reached at [protected] or www.prepaidcardstatus.com. If you have astigmatism, Proclear toric monthly replacement contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision let you enjoy exceptional all-day comfort. Although funds do not expire, cards need to be reissued after the expiration date. No, coopervision.com is not a scam website, but it's your duty to spot the red flags every time you are engaging in an online transaction. After receiving a VIRTUAL card for the contact rebates, and not being able to use the rebate card on purchases at a known legitimate business, I did not reattempt to use the card until I decided to check the balance one day to find that all of the rebate money had been spent on unauthorized purchases I did not make. Please investigate, rectify and return $50 USD to me as soon as possible. I have been using this product for almost a year, and since the beginning of use, I have seen a decrease in eye dryness. Your contact lenses need to be selected based on the precise size and shape of your eye. Hello, Thank you for your feedback. CooperVision Promotions Team. PC stands for phosphorylcholine, which contains molecules that are hydrophilic and biocompatible with the human body.

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