About Us

Airware was started in 2003 as a R&D company for developing advanced NDIR gas sensors. Today Airware has successfully developed an Absorption Biased (AB) methodology for the design of NDIR gas sensors that significantly reduces the output drifts of such sensors over time without relying upon the chancy "Automatic Background Calibration" or "Automatic Baseline Correction" both commonly known as ABC software. This methodology has been applied to Airware's CO2 and Dew Point sensors. Successful test results were reported in a research paper published in Sensor Review in 2011 (see "Patents and Publications") which was chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner in Emerald Literati Network's 2012 Awards for Excellence. Airware's NDIR Dew Point sensor is the first ever infrared moisture sensor available for sale to the public offering unprecedented long-term output stability and long life (>15 years), ideally suited for controller applications in economizer cooling systems installed in most data centers across the country.

For Airware's AB designed NDIR CO2 and Dew Point sensors, the company has also developed and tested an effortless checking and/or recalibration methodology. Such a simple checking and/or recalibration technique can be preformed wirelessly within minutes at any time and place without the need of standard gases. It represents a major breakthrough in the reduction of maintenance costs to meet future mandatory requirement for periodic re-commission of all installed gas sensors. A research paper written for this technique has been accepted for publication in Sensor Review (vol. 32, 2012). For more details, see "Patents and Publications" section.

Airware is presently offering a number of very price-competitive AB designed NDIR gas sensor products including OEM modules for sale to the general public. For more details please see "Products" and "Contact Us" sections.